I work with porcelain to create fragile and delicate looking hand built forms and vessels. By exploring the materiality of porcelain I have learnt how to push this wonderful material to its maximum, before collapse or extreme warpage takes effect. Detail is added from different colours and textures to create the illusion of fabric or paper or anything unclaylike .

The pieces teeter on the balance between extreme fragility and absolute strength; I physically manhandle them, whilst the firing process enables the porcelain to develop a more undulating and independent sense of self.  Each piece, although perhaps similar in shape, will differ due to the force, positioning and timing of the instantaneous contact between man and material.

My latest collection includes mugs and plates, with a specific colour palette. I have continued to be inspired by the delicate material itself, however this time I’ve taken on board feedback from customers about the thickness (or thinness!) of previous pieces and  created slightly more durable and functional products.

I completed my Masters Degree at Nottingham Trent University in July 2012, following on from a BA in ‘Decorative Arts’. Enjoy the video below, created by the talented duo R&A Collaborations.

Photos of the new collection have been taken by Diana Oliveira, Cardiff-based creative product photographer. To see more of her work, please take a look at her website: www.dianaoliveiraphotography.co.uk