Part of a new collection for SS17- A functional line, inspired by the use of lace/wallpaper textures and my familiar paper-like quality. The work is, however, deliberately chunkier for a more durable product. A carefully chosen colour palette of Antique Rose, Sea Green, Light Turquoise/Blue, Mustard and Slate Grey/Green envelopes the pieces, whilst a bright gold lustre adorns the edges, exuding a little bit of luxury for the every day….


A collection of vessels from the early-days to present day, including Small and Large Fold Vessels, Conical Vases, Flare Bowls and Beakers.


The Manipulated range goes straight back to the days of my MA. It focuses on manipulating the pieces in a way; hit and bashed to create soft curves and interrupted contours.

Previous Work

A selection of images of work that I am no longer producing or have postponed production of. A look back to some work developed on the MA, ‘Tildele’ vessels, to more recent products, such as the wall pockets, which are currently being re-developed.